New collection: Let Them Play
New collection: Let Them Play
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6 easy steps to receive your own custom print

Step 1  

Choose your size

Artist works on A series sizes starting with A4 as smallest to A0 as largest size available. Refer to guide above for sizing details. 

Note: A1 size is slightly smaller than actual measuring 560mm X 760 mm.

Step 2

Choose your favourite face(s) design


Choose from a series of face design options from our “Meet the Faces” page.

Find face designs here.

Special note: 2+ faces designs on one composition is only available on A3 size and up due to best look and feel. 

Step 3

Choose your style



The style has to do with the background of the piece; particularly the shapes behind the face design. The artists works with four main artistic styles: Geo shapes/minimal colour, Geo shapes/half-filled colour, Organic shapes/minimal colour and Organic shapes/full colour.  Altogether each style was carefully curated to compliment a wide range of interiors including your space. 

Find styles here.

Step 4

Choose your colour palette



Choose from a collection of custom palettes the artist has created. If you have a more specific palette in mind, you can use the “upload my own” or “instructions to artist” option (explained in step 5) to upload your own reference. You simply will have to choose the “Upload my own” option from the colour palette drop down and proceed to the next step.

Find colour palette examples here

Optional steps:

Step 5

Upload your own reference


Photo from pinterest

 This option is available on the ordering page if you are unsure of your colour palette or want to upload your own. You can upload up to two photo references for this and here are some examples of what you can upload:                                                                             

  • A previous artwork from the artist which you would like to inspire your piece from
  • A specific colour palette reference ie. A palette you found on pinterest
  • A photo of your space (preferably where the artwork will go) for artist to inspire a palette from

Step 6

“Instructions to artist” comment box 

Use the comment box to specify any details you would like to communicate to the artist. For example:

  • “This is a photo of my room, I have mustard yellow cushions and I love warmer tones” (based on photo of own decor)
  • “I love this previous piece, could I get a similar palette but add a small pop of dusty pink” (based on photo of artist’s previous work)
  • ”Here is a pinterest palette that I found which I would love for my piece” (based on photo uploaded from pinterest)

If you need additional help with the customization process, use the chat to speak directly to the artist or email with “custom help” in the subject line.