New collection: Let Them Play
New collection: Let Them Play
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Colour palettes

These palettes are inspired by cities around the world where the artist has travelled to, lived in or aspire to travel to one day. They each make up the elements within the city, the warmth of the rising sun in Cali, the warm cement under your bare feet in Bondi, the beautiful tile patterns in Marrakech, the gorgeous woman in the red dress in Barcelona...Hope these palettes inspire you when co-creating your piece.

Note: Below are digital representations of each colour, actual colours in your piece may appear lighter or darker in person as they are each hand mixed by the artist. 




Warm + Cool



Upload your own

Can’t find your ideal palette here? You can do one of 3 options:

- choose up to 4 colours which are each individually named from within the palettes and list them in the comment box

-Upload a photo of your desired palette

-Upload a photo of your space for artist to make up a palette based on your interiors

(Please specify whether you prefer warm, cool, pastel or mixed palette in the comment box if you choose this option)