New collection: Let Them Play
New collection: Let Them Play
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Artistic styles

Refer to this page as a guide to help you choose the style of your piece. The style refers to the background behind the face design of each piece. The artist works with a variety of shapes and techniques and has come up with four main artistic styles which can compliment a wide range of interior styles.

Geo shapes/minimal colour


Shapes used in this style are geometric; Think arches, circles, semi-circles, rectangles... The piece has a minimal amount of shapes (2 to 4 at most) beautifully showcasing the one line design as the focal point of the piece. Artist may choose to mix with organic shapes but overall piece will be mostly composed of geo shapes. 

 Geo shapes/half-filled colour 


The geometric shapes in this piece make up the majority of the background. They are strategically placed behind the design to compliment the curvatures of the line without overpowering the face design. The overall composition has a beautiful Scandinavian look and feel.

Organic shapes/ Minimal colour


This piece is composed of beautiful organic and irregular shapes. The artist has some fun experimenting with unique, quirky shapes in this style and pairs it with the minimal colour option to achieve a sophisticated, elegant yet fun piece!

Organic shapes/ Full colour


This style is bold, full of life and takes your mind on a dance. Using a series of organic shapes, artist fills the entirety of the piece with coloured organic shapes. You can either go with a neutral palette for a harmonized minimal piece or a brighter palette for a pop of colour in your home.